Empire East Accentuates Employees' Lives For 28th Anniversary

07 July 2022


QUEZON CITY – Have you ever thought about what other companies do for their anniversaries besides releasing promos and discounts? Others may choose big parties to celebrate the inauguration of their companies, while some opt to release limited edition products. On the other hand, Empire East took it up a notch with its 28th anniversary.  


Accen28: Your Life, Your Style

Empire East, a leading real estate developer in the country, kicked off its 28th Anniversary with the theme ‘Accen28: Your Life, Your Style’ as an ode to the communities, lifestyles, and cityscapes they have accentuated for the past 28 years. 

  • Accentuating Lifestyles

Empire East accentuates the lifestyle of its homeowner through its transit-oriented developments and resort-inspired communities that make urban living more comfortable and convenient for its dwellers. 

  • Accentuating Communities

Empire East builds not only homes but also tight-knit communities. The company accentuates the lives of families by building inclusive communities and launching pocket Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in and beyond Metro Manila. 

  • Accentuating Cityscapes

Empire East has built more than 120 mid-to-high-rise condominium buildings and two subdivisions since 1994. Through these universally accessible and masterfully-planned communities, Empire East accentuates the beauty of city living with its convenience and connectivity. 

Apart from that, the company chose to champion the backbone of its company–the employees–for its 28th anniversary with intimate gatherings and elaborate activities. Instead of the usual catholic mass to start the celebration, the company invited various church leaders: a catholic priest, an INC minister, and a Christian church pastor to accommodate various employees with different beliefs. 

Empire East also offered a chance for employees to get together in their hobbies and interests. From local coffee shop discussions to huge giveaways at IKEA, Empire East has accentuated the lives of the people who have contributed to the company's success. 

The Empire East Social Spaces

Last July 29, they concluded employee-focused Social Space activities for different employees from various departments. The initiative to launch Social Spaces happened last year in October to combat the pandemic’s debilitating effects on the employees. 

By establishing micro-communities where like-minded people with similar interests may congregate and mingle at their leisure, Empire East hopes to enhance and forge genuine connections among its employees.

Below are some of the Social Space formed under this initiative and the activities of each group for the company’s 28th anniversary.

Empire East Riding Club

The group of Empire East employees traversed the terrain of the East as they went on their morning ride from Empire East Highland City to Tanay Highlands. Each rider brought their own motorcycles to enjoy the breathtaking views that the East offers. 

Empire East Cycling Club (D’Pajakers)


On July 19, the employees have gathered at Arcovia City to pedal their way through the city, up to the highlands of Pasig-Cainta. The group also enjoyed a "breakfast fun ride" as part of their #EmpireEastAccen28 celebration. 

Empire East Food Club (Food Buddies)

The next day, employees with an appreciation for good food congregated at The Rochester in Pasig City to enjoy a day filled with cooking and eating. The members got to enjoy a boodle-style spread and experienced a kamayan after learning how to cook different dishes. 

Empire East Fitness Club (Fit-X)

The healthy members of Fit-X came to Kasara Urban Resort Residences in Pasig City to accentuate their health with powerful exercises! The employees moved their body through Zumba headed by instructors and other physical activities with calisthenic equipment. 

Empire East Bible Club (Bible Believers)

Empire East's Bible Believers accentuates the day of Baseco Compound Manila’s children from The God of Tabernacle church with songs, games, and dancing. The group shared the the Word of God to the children to open their minds and hearts to the goodness of Christianity. 

Empire East K-World Club (2EELHI1)

Empire East's K-World loves all things Korean: the dramas, the music, the idols, and of course, the food! On July 22nd, they gathered at Gilmore Heights to share their stories and inspirations accentuated by fun games and activities.

Empire East Photography Club

On the 25th, Empire East's Photography Social Space roamed around Binondo's vibrant streets to take their best photos under the theme Accentuate, all for a prize. The group wrapped up their photo walk with a hearty meal at one of the renowned restaurants in Chinatown. 

Empire East Pet Lovers Club (Petty Boop)

Empire East's Pet Lovers Social Space got to show off their pets at an online competition! Each Petty Boop member sent in their own entry for their pawsome pets for a chance to win well-deserved treats. 

Empire East Gamers Club (Good Game)

In true gamer fashion, members of Good Game held their Social Space meeting online via Facebook Live. Other teams strategized to achieve the objective of destroying their enemy's base at the game Mobile Legends for a cash prize. Some have opted to meet up, like the winning team, to accomplish their goal. 

Empire East Home Development Club (Homebuds)

Home development and plant care enthusiasts gathered at the biggest IKEA shop in the world on the 27th to find pieces that accentuate their home. The Homebuds members shared a Swedish meal and competed to win IKEA products at a giveaway.


Empire East Parents Club (TaNay)

Empire East's Parents Social Space met at Uptown Mall for a much-needed nail spa and relaxation. After a quick chat about their little blessings in life (their children), these parents set foot on a salon for the first time in a long while.

Empire East Book Club (Overbooked)

On the 28th of July, Empire East's Booklovers Social Space shared stories, laughter, good food and fun games at an intimate Cafe in Pasig City.

Empire East Camp Club (Kamp Krew)

The newest Social Space Kamp Krew gathered in Paranaque City for a quick walkthrough on proper vehicle-based, on-road and off-road adventure travel.


Indeed, Empire East has accentuated the lives of its employees for this anniversary. Regardless of physical limitations, the company wanted to express gratitude to the people who accentuated its 28 amazing years. Stay tuned for more updates on the company and other promos in the pipeline for this 28th anniversary! 

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