The Company's Corporate or Business Profile

The Company’s Corporate or Business Profile Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. (the "Company") was incorporated under Philippine law on 15 July 1994. Prior to its incorporation, the Company was a division of Megaworld Corporation (formerly, Megaworld Properties & Holdings, Inc.) and was then known as its Community Housing Division. In 1994, Megaworld Corporation decided to spin off its Community Housing Division into what is now the Company for the purpose of separating its high-end residential and office business from its lower and middle-income housing business.

The Company is presently engaged in the development and marketing of mid-cost housing projects in the form of condominium communities, subdivision lots and house and lot packages, and commercial units to a limited extent. The Company also leases out commercial and industrial properties. Its core products are mid- to high-rise condominium towers within metro manila up to single-detached homes and house-and-lot packages in progressive suburban areas. As of December 2013, Megaworld holds 81.72% of the Company.

Company holds ownership interest in the following entities:

  • Eastwood Property Holdings, Inc. (EPHI)
  • Valle Verde Properties, Inc. ("VVPI")
  • Sherman Oak Holdings, Inc. ("SOHI")
  • Empire East Communities, Inc. ("EECI")
  • Laguna BelAir Science School, Inc. (LBAS)
  • Sonoma Premier Land, Inc. ("SPLI")
  • Gilmore Property Marketing Associates, Inc. ("GPMAI")

The Company's vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be a brand of home that understands the humanity of its dwellers and crafts a cityscape of lifestyle empowerment.

Our Mission

To build homes with a blueprint that reflects the reality of the all-time wants and needs of aspiring homebuyers, integrated into dynamic communities engineered thru innovative and pioneering lifestyle concepts.

Corporate Values

1. Commitment to Buyers

Empire East has a well-known track record of project completion and delivery as a testament to its 100% commitment to the vision of creating quality homes for aspiring homeowners. Each development concept and construction comes with unique features and elegant design that meet and even exceed every client's discerning expectations. Empire East honors the trust that each buyer gives them and assures that it is being atoned equitably and excellently.

2. Home and Family Building

A family is considered a special atom that composes a nation. It is therefore considered the basic unit of society, from whom today's active doers and leaders are nurtured. Aiming for better relations and stronger values within this system is crucial in building a community that unites in the common goal of economic, social and political stride. It is therefore essential for this unit to be placed in an environment that instigates forward thinkers and in a place that is conducive to one's personal growth. Through Empire East's integrated township concepts, each person automatically has a healthier ground to plant its roots and to progressively grow. Through this, Empire East can fulfill its goal to help sustain the country’s continuous development.

3. National Progress and Prosperity

A progressive cityscape is a sign of an improving country and urban lifestyle. Empire East is dedicated to continuing to uplift the lives of Filipinos by providing a variety of developments located at strategic addresses in metro manila. This innovation aims to bring every essential lifestyle closer to its dwellers to offer urgent attention to each dynamic city need. Its premier concepts that incorporate resort-inspired lifestyles and transit-oriented living into people's homes open each person's minds to better standards of life which in turn, pull up the values of others they interact with.

4. Expansion of Ideas and Vision

Empire East values the importance of ideas from which more significant concepts come from. The company believes that big changes are not possible without that seed of change. Everything starts with a vision, which is slowly manifested into reality. Empire East is inspired by its Chairman Dr. Andrew L. Tan, who started his company only from a dream of producing exceptional living spaces for aspiring families. Twenty-five years later, he was not only able to provide homes but also, he was able to create the best lifestyles that Filipinos deserve.